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I’m Nadine. I write, travel and experiment. Along the way I collect and share stories about free life, work, learning and self-supply.


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A free life. Sounds good. But what is this about? Is unlimited choice making us free – or rather binding us?


I’m fascinated with free learning or unschooling. And I’m glad to see more and more people following that path.


I’ve been self-employed my whole adult life – but I’m just beginning to design my work the way I can enjoy it. I’m fascinated with unconventional work and digital nomadism.


To me, caring for your own needs is, how you can be the most free person in this world. I’m still looking for the perfect farm to follow that dream.

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The ART of living freely…

  • and feel like it;
  • physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually;
  • in contrast to conventionally and ordinary;
  • and connected to the world around you.

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